As a building owner or facilities manager, implementing a thorough and proactive Preventive Maintenance Program is the best thing you can do to extend the life of your flat roof. It's important to remember that over 90% of commercial flat roof leaks and premature system failures occur at the roof details: parapet walls, metal edges, flashings, penetrations, membrane laps, and drains.

Proper identification and elimination of problems on a timely basis can alleviate premature deterioration and increase the life expectancy. In fact, studies have shown that a roofing system with proactive maintenance can extend the life of the roof up to eight years.

Southwestern Roofing & Metal offers several Preventive Maintenance Program packages that can be designed specifically for your roof. Below are some of the general services offered in our packages:

  • Bi-Annual Inspections
  • Locate roof leaks.
  • Remove debris such as leaves, branches and trash. These items are notorious for clogging drains and downspouts which could cause extensive damage to your roof and building.
  • Inspect the field and flashings for damage.
  • Inspect the field laps for a proper seal.
  • Install a three course flashing system and a reflective coating on the parapet wall membrane laps.
  • Inspect roof penetrations such as pitch pockets.
  • Inspect metal components especially the parapet coping joints.
  • Remove and replace deteriorated caulking.
  • Power wash to remove mold, fungus or stains.

There are many facets of preventative maintenance including cleaning, repair, caulking and elastomeric roof coatings.

Examples of Roofs without a Preventative Maintenance Program